Monday, July 29, 2013

From the Caribbean, to the states...

When planning a vacation, the only expectation you set for yourself is to enjoy the week and to make sure to capture the memories along the way... at least, that's my idea of a successful trip. Never do you think you'll meet new friends, who'd then turn into good friends, and planning family vacations! :) 

Well about five months ago, it happened to us...
Blessed are we to have met such a wonderful couple! We love them to pieces, and are so thankful we have managed to stay friends these past months. 

With that said, we immediately began planning our next trip to see one another. It was going to be within the year, no doubt about that. We both had girls the same age, and were bound and determined to introduce them!!! Video chatting sufficed for the time being. :) But not for long!!! After setting the date, the next thing we knew we were packing our bags. We decided on a water park for the girls - and ourselves, who are we kidding - but there were two different locations, each being closer to either us or them. Given this was not going to be the one and only trip we'd plan, we decided to just choose one, then next time we'd go where it was closer to the other! Since they are two of the sweetest people I know, they chose Cincinnati (closest to us) so next time, Sandusky it is!!!!! 

Well the day came, and after about 2.5 hours...
...we had arrived to our destination!!!!!
 Immediately, we got our bags and headed in the hotel. Not a minute passed before we heard someone shouting our last name off the balcony! Haha. We were pumped!! Once we arrived to our floor, there they were...  waiting at the elevator. I wish I had a picture of that moment. What was I thinking? Oh I know... I was too excited to think of anything else!!!! One detail that couldn't be overlooked, was that both our girls were the same height, and weight [not often is that found with my little one, given she's quite petite for her age] but they also had their hair in double braids. It may not sound like a big deal, but after the commonalities we discovered on the cruise it was just a funny "...of course" moment.

Wasting no time, we got the girls ready and headed down to the water park!!
This place was awesome! Both girls were able to ride just about everything, except for big ones. There were designated areas for smaller tykes, deeper waters for bigger kids, slides big and small, and even a roller coaster water slide for the adults. They really thought of everything!

 After day one was about over we headed up to our room, ordered some pizza, and cleaned up for the night. So far, this whole day was nothing short of perfect.
Oh, and let me not forget to mention the girls pajamas...yellow top, pink bottoms. It was really beginning to freak us out. NONE of this was coordinated, I promise you.
 Once our bellies were full, we headed downstairs for story time with Violet the Wolf. When I say this hotel is kid friendly, I mean it's REALLY kid friendly - story time in the middle of the lobby. :)
Then it was time to head back up to our room for bed... ya know, the fun way.
Once the girls snoozed off, the adults stayed up and chatted the night away. It was certainly a moment for catch up. And low and behold to our surprise, we discovered that Mike knew one of Chris' good friends from college. Let me break that down as to how weird that is... they live in Michigan, we met them in the middle of the Caribbean, yet somehow Mike knows Chris' college buddy who lives in Chicago. GASP! So after about an hour of "...seriously? That just happened." we found the time slipping further and further away. Eventually we said good night, and got some rest since we'd be heading back home the next day. 

After a good nights sleep, day two was among us. It was sad thinking these were our last few hours together. So we made the most of it, and headed back down for a last round in the water park! 
 Somehow, we easily managed to gather the girls up for our last photo before leaving... 
 Without being redundant, I'll just say it one last time... I seriously love these people!!! We were so lucky to cross paths, introduce our girls [who hit it off so easily], and plan our successful reunion. Hopefully it won't be too long until our next trip!! :)

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Holy Carl!! I'm back... well sort of. Actually, I'm not holding breath, because this is truly an occurring miracle. Somehow or another, we have internet ---- TA DA!!! I know I'm a little too happy, but lets face it people, some things we really take for granted and THIS is one of those things. No I'm not celebrating the fact that I can now web browse the new Royal baby - I did that on my phone - I am simply ecstatic that I can put a fresh post out there on my lonesome little blog... poor thing. 

Well my oh my, have I got alots to talk about. Yes I'm aware that's not a word, I'm excusing all grammar corrections for time reason - I don't know how long I'll have this internet access. HAHA

So let's see if I can bring you up to speed from these past weeks... month... ouch. Awhile back we took Audriana to the track for the first time! She had a blast seeing the horses in the stables. Up close and personal! 
 July 4th was celebrated with both my parents and my husband's. It was a successful, delicious, and entertaining cookout! I loved every minute of it. :)
 And as always, we like to catch a Cincinnati Reds game on a nice weekend. This time around, we signed up Audriana for the Reds Kids Club making her an official fan! ;)
 And then a couple weeks ago we met up with our new friends (the special couple we met on our cruise) at Great Wolf Lodge, in Cincinnati. To say it was fun would not do it justice... it was simply a blast!! 
A full post is totally necessary for this weekend adventure. There's just too much to share, I wouldn't want to shorten it one bit. We love these guys, and our girls got along so well. It was just perfect. :) 
 LASTLY... there was a big announcement for our family!!!!!
We are expecting a new little IU fan in late winter! :))))))
She's ecstatic to be a big sister!!!!!!! 
Wheewww-wweeeeee... I feel like I just sped through a whirlwind tornado. I'd say I'd deserve it if this was a case of procrastination - but it certainly was NOT. Here's hoping this internet is kind to me again so I can keep the updates coming! I even have a famous mac & cheese recipe I've held onto to share!!! Expect a lot of food updates... it's just bound to happen. 

Well folks, it's been real. I'm happy and relieved to have been back for this brief moment! ;) Fingers crossed it won't be another month until these fingers are tappin again... over and out!!!