Monday, April 29, 2013

Motivational Monday [fitness edition]

For some, with summer just around the corner, the gym seems to become one's best friend! For others, it's the enemy; and finding an excuse to avoid it at all costs develops into a terrible habit.

"It's just too hard..."
"I don't have the energy..."
"I don't have the time..."
"It's Tuesday..."  
[yes, I've heard that one before]


It may sound redundant, but if you have a goal then GO FOR IT, and don't stop! It's possible.

For some, they turn to motivational photos:
Although I agree with the [bottom left] message, and could easily use Jamie Eason's photos as personal motivation - on the contrary, these kind of photos could be intimidating to others. Which in turn won't do anything, but lower their self esteem. If photos aren't the motivator, then look for other sources! There IS a reason you want to look or feel better... What is it??


You have the ability... it's IN YOU. Sometimes it just takes refocusing the facts on what it is you desire.

About a year ago, I came across an inspirational photo - and it bothers me, I have no source to credit the amazing tale. But what I remember of the story, was that of a 70 year old man who dedicated his life in the gym to become physically, and mentally, stronger to carry, bathe, change clothing, etc. aiding to his son who had recently become a quadriplegic. It was by far the most inspiring story/message I've ever read.

So what's your itch?

Better health?
Playing with your kids without being out of breath?
Living long enough to see your children and grandchildren grow?
Being strong enough to take care of a friend or family member when they're not able to care for themselves?

You just have to find that "thing" that motivates YOU!!!!!


To view a LIST of motivating tips, check this out!! Here.
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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Bloglovin... the way to go!

For some of us [ eh, hem, myself] it's recently been clarified that Google is making some serious changes this summer, that will not allow regular Google readers ... to follow our blogs. :(


An easy way to follow blogs, and stay up to date with new posts is with Bloglovin!!!

It's Free. It's Easy.

Join along side others, and follow your favorite blogs!!

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Friday, April 26, 2013

What I've learned this week...

Well, folks, it's Friday [[ Hallelujah ]] and being that I'm feeling extra relaxed and lazy today, my post is as equally exciting. The topic of today's nonsense material came to me last night lying in bed - again, exciiiiiiting.  I was thinking to share some things I learned this week. Are they life changing? No. It's just a random topic, but maybe it'll catch on as a bloggy link up one day! Who knows. 

Let's just roll with it.

This week, I learned: There is never a right time to take allergy medicine. Seriously. Either it fails to kick in when it's supposed to, or fails to last long enough for its purpose! aka: stuffy nose, can't breathe at 3am. 

This week, I learned: Sneezing while on your back creates an excruciating pain in the lower abdomen. I discovered this multiple times this week - again, with the [[[achooo]]] allergies. 
Yes, the brackets were to resemble my current sneeze attack I literally just had while writing this!!! They are about to meet their maker

This week, I learned: Car shopping with my husband = fail. Leave it at that.

This week, I learned: The SILENT button on my phone is entirely overused/abused, resulting in me missing messages, phone calls, emails... for hours on end!!! Not acceptable. It's beginning to get annoying. Yes, I'm annoyed with myself.

This week, I learned: Regardless of whether my phone serves no purpose on silent, it certainly does its duty as a flashlight! It has saved my life on numerous occasions, parading around in the dark avoiding toys that my daughter I forgot to pick up. 
Of course she should pick up her own toys, but she's 3. Come on. I'm better off knowing the toys are where they should be, rather than them hiding inconspicuously in cabinets, couch cushions, or (heaven forbid) under my feet... which happens more often than not. 

This week, I learned: I vicariously live through - and thoroughly enjoy - other people's blogs! It's fun to be a self employed stylist, adoring one too many glasses of Chardonnay, while living in an unimaginably chic abode! Right? 

And lastly,

This week, I learned: No matter what kind of week it is... this song is always, ALWAYS, a pick me up!!!!!


Thursday, April 25, 2013

It's a blog hop!

Don't forget: 
Link up and discover new blogs and new friends!! 

Happy Thursday!! :)

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Lions, Tigers & Bears... OH MY!

Yes, Erika - if you're reading this - my post title may look familiar. 

Well, this Tuesday adventure was most deserving of its own post!! One of my best friends, and her son (my godson) along with myself and little one, took a trip to our local zoo.
Not my most flattering angle, but it's surely overlooked by Max licking his mother's face, yes?

Needless to say, it was a combination of excitement and exhaustion - for the parents. Regardless, it was an absolute blast!! The weather was even kind to us, and never shed an ounce of rain - which was the current weather status; in which case we appreciated the false prediction. We tried capturing as many photo ops possible, given the undeniably precious moments and personalities portrayed.   
 ...and when I say personalities, this is what I mean...
Probably one of my favorite moments, was the "clinging for life" photos of my dearest friend, and our kiddos - one in desperate need to be held, while the other was being pulled out of another family's picture.
She may have needed an extra hand. Where was I, you ask?... umm, who else was going to capture these priceless moments? 

And given we are both moms, this happened on occasion...  
I can't recall if it was intentional, or just maternal instinct to grab hold of a nearby stroller. 
It happens. 

We're lucky our kids are close in age, and have been able to grow with one another; although, one year is quite a difference, especially between a boy and a girl. Nonetheless, they have fun together and I'm blessed for that relationship - and that of mine and Erika's... I've known her from when we were our kids' age.

That's a crazy reality. 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

:: weekend picture book ::

On any adventurous week, or weekend, expect a picture book post to follow!! Sometimes they're just too good to not share.

Saturday, my family - which usually includes the following: dad, mama, hubs, baby, aunt & uncle - set out on a road trip to Cincinnati, OH, ready to cheer on the Reds. Being that it's just one of the many games we've attended, we had the necessities in stow! However, this particular weekend, the vehicle - aka, dad's 1990 Astro Van (in need of serious retirement) - was fully loaded with blankets and chairs, in preparation for Thunder Over Louisville later that evening. In case you didn't catch that, we would be traveling from Louisville to Cincinnati, back to Louisville... in one day... with a 3 year old. This was going to be an easily estimated 12 hour day. Needless to say, we weren't exactly sure how our little munchkin would last through it all, but we were pleasantly surprised. She was perfect. *Proud mommy moment... FOR SURE.
Immediately, entering the stadium, we're each handed a "Brandon Phillips" bobble head. Woo hoo! Surrounded by children, we adults easily blended in! We were now owners of five - yes, five - bobble heads. Necessary? No. Did we care? Not the slightest bit. They were free! Little did we know how convenient it would be to have such a vast number; two broken bobble heads in less than four hours. Again, we did have a 3 year old along this journey... it's expected something will break at some point. 
(continuing) We made our way to the Champions Club, and had our brunch/lunch/linner/dinner - yes, all four meals at once. At least that's what it felt like; stuffed wouldn't describe that miserable feeling. We then proceeded to our seats - beautiful high 60 degrees weather - and enjoyed a successful "W" for our dearest Reds!!!! Go Reds, GO!!!
Back in the car/van/oh my gosh, dad we're gonna die vehicle, we headed back to our hometown for the annual fireworks show. Luckily, little bit zonked out for the entire drive back; catching her second wind = pleasant child = pleasant every one!! ;) The rest of the evening needs no preface, or summary of any sort. It was cold cold COLD, our seats were on the Belvedere, and the show was as expected - AMAZING. I will only be sharing a couple photos, because fireworks are nothing new... 
...I did, however, want to share a video of the finale; regardless of the fact the effects on film surely don't suffice the feeling or impact of the sound when you're there!!! They don't call it Thunder for nothing. Enjoy!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Motivational Monday

Today's post is a short one; due to AT&T sucks technical difficulties! Therefore, I was not prepared with a long, inspirational post - I hope your Monday can manage without! Ha.

Not leaving you empty handed, I will at least share my daily Psalms/Proverbs verse-of-the-day.

God bless,

Saturday, April 20, 2013

THUNDER na na na na na na na...THUNDER!!

...a little AC/DC for ya! ...oh well, I couldn't resist.

...the largest fireworks display in North America. 

As I've grown, the meaning of this particular weekend rapidly changed from one extreme to the other; in quite a fascinating cycle. As children, we go for the fireworks; teens go for the hangout; college years revolve around the unlimited consumption of adult beverages; then as parents, along with children of our own, we are back again just for the fireworks... back to the basics! ;)
Thunder got its name simply by "...adequately defining its intensity"; and that it did. 

Although, Thunder is known for its 100,000+ audience, it's always questionable whether it'll reach high attendance each year depending on weather conditions  - flood in 2011. The weather surely dictates that decision for this household - it's COLD today!!  

Regardless, I'm sure you'll find us bundled up; enjoying another year of this spectacular tradition. 

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Friday, April 19, 2013

Friday LINK UP

Trying something new is always refreshing, eh? 
Joining alongside some other booty-shaking ladies, with this fun link up; here is my currently obsessed tune of the week!!!!

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...not to mention it's a new Zumba song. Oh yes!!! Thanks, TAMMY!!!! 

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Iron Chef: Edward Lee ...made us dinner?

Chef/Owner of our local restaurant 610 Magnolia, and 2010 winner of Iron Chef America - Edward Lee - honored us with a special four course cuisine; selections deriving from his very unique menu. To say it was extraordinary would not do it justice. 

The evening began with fresh pizzas, handmade in an outdoor stone oven - which he highly recommended each one of us purchase at some point in our lifetime... right. As you can imagine, the aroma was quite delightful.  
More outdoor scenery views can be seen here; it's worth the peek! 

First course:
- wild mushrooms
- caramelized brussel sprouts (umm, amazing)
- homemade marinara
- mozzarella & parmesan cheese.   

 Then came the entertainment...
---- Jason, an exceptional volunteer; providing his hidden talents. ----

Inside the Wine Studio...
Fresh flowers, picked daily.
And following with some more deliciousness:
- goat cheese & crumbled pistachios

Oh, hello! ;) The ladies and myself, ready to begin the feast! 
  (not quite ready for the picture, thanks hubs.)

Here we go!

Second course:
 - citrus smoked salmon atop spring mix
- goat cheese
- glazed with a roasted garlic & lemon vinaigrette

Main course:
beef rib-eye in a roasted red wine reduction sauce
- soft grits
- heirloom cauliflower

 Dessert: - a trio of delicacy:
- chocolate mousse
- blueberry & walnuts
- white chocolate ganache gel
1...2...3... breathe!  

Well, there ya have it! That was our evening. Opportunities like these don't come often, so we were grateful to have had experienced such an event; along with an autographed recipe book - not being released for another week.
 Better time than not, everyone... meet my husband, Chris! :)

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To learn more of Edward Lee's biography, head on over to this interesting article; discussing everything from how he began in New York, to becoming our own local Iron Chef of America.  

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

...a special SHOUT OUT!

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Shannon @ Shannon Page Design !!!

This girl deserves the recognition, because she was beyond patient with my concerns and requests! I recommend her to anyone. Check out her personal blog; also on my lovable listings! What a sweetheart. 

Monday, April 15, 2013

Prayers for Boston

"Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God, that he may exalt you in due time: Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you."
1 Peter 5:6-7

Motivational Monday [fitness edition]

Today I wanted to focus and reinstate the common misconception that: 

"...losing weight means lowering the number on the scale." 

For the majority of people, trying to shed 10lbs (or even up to 60lbs), it is not - I repeat, NOT - the scale that will determine the difference. For others, 100+lbs difference will certainly show on the scale, but it still does not determine the health or muscle your body is maintaining.

This popular photo, which went viral about a year ago, is a great example of how the scale will not distinguish the better YOU.
According to health nutritionist, Julianne, "...5 pounds of fat takes up THREE TIMES as much space as 5 pounds of muscle. (Therefore) if you’re shedding fat and gaining muscle your weight might not change."

Couldn't have said it better myself!!

This is just a small reminder, that when your goal is to look and feel better, you cannot judge that by the numbers you see. It will only display your relationship with gravity; NOT with yourself. 

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Friday, April 12, 2013

(( My Best Friend's Wedding ))

First let me begin by saying, I have known this lovable, "cheesy" (nickname in High School) beauty since we were 14 years old. So, a little preface of our relationship is absolutely necessary! :)  

You could say the initiation of our friendship was in the hands of the good old sport of volleyball. Playing together for 5 years certainly brought us closer together (given the relationship our team generally had with one another; deemed a "cult" by the student body; we preferred "family", right Jessica Donner?). It wasn't until after graduation that we realized the value of our friendship. No matter the ups and downs, distance or years in between, we always found each other's comfort in the time of need. Although, with life's unexpected turn of events, we ended up finding ourselves inseparable. Where there was Megan, there was Jessica - vice versa. So, you get it! Before getting into the EXCITING events to come, I'll share a little bit of our most memorable adventures together!
1. Sophomore year, high school football game
2. Trip to Orlando; City Walk
3. Trip to Orlando; Universal Studios
4. umm... who goes out at 11pm for Key Lime Pie? We do.
5. Cincinnati Bengals game
6. Hullabalou 2010
7. Louisville Bats game
8. My wedding day, aka: MOH
9. Regrettable, yet memorable, Black Friday shopping - people are crazy!

Another special tradition (needing its own collage) is the infamous birthday cake!! When I discovered - late into the friendship I might add -  that she rarely got birthday cakes in the past, I made it my mission to do so every year following:
 And lastly, another must share, we have an issue with matching, unintentionally -whether it be similar, or exact:.
Ok, ok, so THIS is my best friend...

NOW! On to the most exciting news, EVER!!! ... hints: My Best Friend's Wedding.

Yes, my friends! After the engagement last summer (2012), the nuptials are soon among us!
(then, engaged at the same time)

Bridesmaids!! Minus 3 others...
pictured: Katie B, bride, Katie U, myself, and Noelle
Aren't we a cute married bunch???
(A big shout out AND congrats, to Katie U; soon-to-be mommy!!!!!)

Wedding season is always an exceptional time of year, but THIS YEAR it's much much more- for obvious reasons!!!! Words can't express the excitement, anxiety, and anticipation for the big day!! To say she is my "best friend", is really an understatement. This girl has been there for me through the worst of my trial and errors in life, and was nothing but encouraging and supportive every . step . of . the . way. I'm blessed for her friendship and loyalty. 

Not to mention, there's never a dull moment with us...
    Moving along... you get the picture, she is the Cheese to my Mac.

There will be four... yes, four... parts to this series: 

Part 1: My Best Friend, introduction - complete
Part 2: Bridal Showers
Part 3: Bachelorette Party
Part 4: THE BIG DAY! (eeeeekkkkkk!!)

Looking forward to sharing all the exciting events!! Stay tuned!!