Friday, June 13, 2014

I Wasn't Always Me

Recently I decided to become a fitness and wellness coach, to help inspire people who wanted to take better care of themselves; to begin new lifestyle! I began advertising my website to start encouraging people who were ready to take that next step!! But I suddenly found it challenging when people would say such things as, "... you've always been small. Of course the program works for you."

Well to that I say... everyone has a story. As another health and fitness advisor recently said, "skinny doesn't always mean healthy." And I couldn't agree more.

So here's my story.

Growing up I never did battle with any sort of weight issues, but with that I never ate well whatsoever. I practically grew up playing sports - gymnastics, softball, basketball, karate, and then volleyball throughout grade school up to my senior year in high school. Being so active I never paid attention to my food intake, because I just thought I could eat whatever I wanted - which is entirely UNTRUE. It wasn't until my body began to mature and staying "fit" didn't come as easy. What was I doing wrong? I'd soon discover the "wrong ways" of keeping off any extra weight gain.

Now before I go any further, my struggles did not involve a serious eating disorder - bulimia or anorexia - but to say my body was malnourished is still an understatement. I began counting calories as if it were my job, and worked out to burn off the [only] calories I had that day. Once I started to see my body lose an inch here and there it slowly became an obsession.

I then enjoyed the idea of being in the gym, because it gave me a sense of confidence. If I was running on the treadmill, or lifting weights, I was certainly keeping any extra weight off. The problem was ... I wasn't putting anything back IN. At the age of 22 I didn't have any children. I would wake up late in the day, eat my first meal as breakfast/lunch, workout a little while later and then have my last meal for dinner. That was my routine. Although I felt skinny, and "in shape", I was FAR from healthy.

Let's fast forward to pregnancy #1.

Throughout the pregnancy, I pretty much ate whatever I wanted [back to that again]. I knew that my body needed food in order for my baby to be healthy, so I gave it whatever it craved. Thus resulting in a good amount of weight gain. Although I know I could afford to gain a little, this was more than I was ever used to. Hello! You just had a baby... it's normal! But regardless, it was an adjustment to now have these extra 20+ pounds to shed. And not knowing where to begin made it even more difficult.

My energy was now consumed in raising my daughter, therefore I hardly had time to get in the gym. I also discovered that if I skipped a meal, my body quickly responded and I was either cranky or even more fatigued. WHAT WAS GOING ON? was a wake up call.

I was introduced to P90X when it first released, and it was the best thing that could have fallen in my lap. I followed the dvds as I was informed to, and learned how to eat the right foods. This was the introduction to my love and passion for living a fit life. I was learning the true meaning of fitness AND nutrition. But mind you, this was by no means the beginning of where I am today. Through the following years I would find contentment and begin settling with the idea that I knew better this time. I had my workout routine, and my diet set in its ways. Eventually, I got my body to a healthy state.

The discipline to remain on that road, however, would soon be challenged by LIFE and its emotional rollercoaster. I would fluctuate up and down, back and forth. And although our bodies were never meant to remain exactly the same, I was going from one extreme to the other - workout hard, or not at all.

There was no balance. I was caught up in a new relationship, my daughter was growing older with needs to be here or there, making getting to the gym a guessing game. [insert "blah face" here]  

Then came pregnancy #2!

With growing older we not only have the chance to gain knowledge, and wisdom throughout our years... but the downside is that our bodies grow older right along with us! Which means, it may become more and more challenging to get that six pack we oh-so desire. Of course, not all of us care so deeply about our abs, but you get where I'm going with it. Now more than ever, I needed to find that "thing" that was going to keep me and my fitness/wellness/nutrition in check!!

What was "my thing" you ask? I simply just loved the way it made me feel! When I felt good about myself, I was happier, when I was happier I had energy, when I had energy I took my kids on outings, when we went on outings they were happy, when my family is happy ... I'M HAPPY!!! It's a cycle of being continuously happy. Who wouldn't want that? With that in mind, I challenged myself throughout my pregnancy and stayed in the gym [or worked out at home]. I didn't diet, but I ate RIGHT. I ate the things I knew my body needed, not just wanted, and it helped my post-baby-body tremendously.

It's not easy, but it isn't impossible either. I learned a lot through my trials of "diets", what was good and what was bad. I wanted to share my story with people, because again we have all come from SOMEWHERE. We didn't just get in shape over night. Some people are born with genetics that allow them to keep weight off easier than others, but for some they don't have that luxury. That's why I wanted to become a Coach. I want to help. I want to be there for people who have aspirations of becoming a better "THEM" and show them that it is achievable!!!! Whether it's pounds to lose, or just muscle to tone, I'm here to try and help get them to where they want to be.

Don't get discouraged with the trials and errors... if I had, I wouldn't be where I am today.

Interested in joining me on my current journey? Check out all there is to offer!!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Bargain Beauties

Since beginning this new body transition, I decided to treat myself to some new gear. After all, aren't we more motivated to workout when we have clothes that actually fit and allow us to do so?? I have been rocking the same yoga capris for the last year 1/2, and well, after baby #2 they're as fitting as a nice pair of comfy pajama pants. Which is what they were slowly becoming anyway. Knowing what I know about fitness gear, there were certain places I knew I would avoid given the extreme prices. I didn't just need ONE pair, I need to stock up! And I wasn't about to throw down over $200. So I shopped around little - Target, TJ Maxx, Old Navy, etc. - but ended up at Kohls where I found some pretty decent fits at some seriously low prices.

And let me just say I am more than pleased!
The pants were a gold mine at only $12/pair, and the tops were just $6! With the extra 15% the nice cashier applied for me, I ended up getting everything for just under $45. I'm still mind blown. More so because my husband doesn't deem me worth of bargain shopping, and sadly I have to agree it's not my strong suit. But this!!!! He was very proud. He may even begin feeling better about me + shopping now?! ... not likely.

So there ya have it! Deals and steals.

Happy Hump Day!!!

Monday, June 2, 2014

Practically Perfect

This weekend was a combination of romance, fun in the sun, worship and workouts! That, my friends, is what I call an almost PERFECT weekend.

Saturday morning we ventured out on a zoo date! The weather couldn't have been better - warm in the sun, cool in the shade. Love love love.
Then we ended the night with dinner for two; date night!! We've learned how essential it is to take time out for each other. Especially after two kiddies!!! We decided to try a new place - The Silver Dollar - and I'd say it was a success. Miniature beverages & fried pickles. Score!
Sunday we enjoyed a great worshiping service and then spent the day as usual - housework & yard work. Except I did take a trip down to Target with the munchkins, and came back with this fun little guy..., that's not what I went in for originally. Isn't that how Target works? Although, I did still get the things I needed. So it was a win/win! :)

There's really nothing better than a good balance of family, friends, and devotionals to He who makes it all happen!!! I love ending the weekend with that moment of silence, praising Him and giving Him gratitude for those special moments. He is SO GOOD!!!! 

Happy Monday! <---- it's possible.