Friday, May 31, 2013

On your mark, get set...

The time has come!! This weekend marks the craziest, second most anticipated moment of my best friend's wedding shenanigans... The Bachelorette Party! Location?
Let it be known that our dear, sweet, innocent - yes, she actually categorizes in all of the above - bride to be does not partake in such party scenes and this may be somewhat of a chore for her. So it is our duty to help. And that we shall. ;) 

Given the obvious, this post will remain until a follow up post upon my return. 

For now, I'll leave you with a list of the songs I'm sure we'll be jammin' to on the car ride down. Gotta keep it in the theme of the weekend... so here we go! 

(a pure classic)

Have a safe weekend, ya'll!! <--- that was weird coming from me, but what the heck...

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Thursday blog hop

Well. it looks as though I've beat the link up host today! ;)

Don't forget to link up with Delightfully Chic, and discover new blogs. Join the fun! 
Have a happy Thursday!! :)
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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

"Dig a tunnel, dig dig a tunnel..."

Hope everyone had an enjoyable Memorial Day weekend! It seems as though my internet did... grrrr. I find myself always apologizing for late posts. This issue will find itself a resolution soon, I promise.

Moving on... I'm quite excited to share my newest project! If I could scan a photo of our whole neighborhood in its current state, there are shrubs pulled out and new ones planted. It seems as though everyone had the same idea this year!! I say that, because I used to live in this same house - 9 years ago - and not a lot had changed when we moved in this fall. As previously stated in an earlier post, we too had landscape in need of serious repair - and we did it! Well, Chris did it. THIS TIME, it was my handy work that spiffed it up a notch. Yes, spiff - is that word even used anymore?  

I know, I know... another landscaping post probably sounds as fun as actually watching the flowers grow - didn't I do anything adventurous this Memorial Day weekend? - yes, THIS. It was a big step for this girl. Bare with me. It's quite impressive. ;)  First things first, my youngin' and I went down to a local florist; aka: an outdoor stand, selling beautiful flowers for as low as $1.99! Not bad for someone who might kill them in less than a week. We'll take 6!
Back home, I had everything set up. It looked easy enough. Although, I couldn't have done it without my handy helper. She really made it easy on mama.
She worked so hard digging those tunnels - if you're familiar with The Lion King 1 1/2, you'd get it - it was time for mom to take over so she could take a little rest...
 ...and the reveal of our hard work! :) 
 TA-DA!! :)

I may have given my self a well-deserved pat on the back. I'm pretty domesticated, but the outdoor landscape stuff is new to me, so I'm still learning. It was surprisingly fun - more rewarding than anything. Now lets see if I can keep these babies alive! Speaking of!!!!! I need to go water them... crap.


Friday, May 24, 2013


No creative blog today... and found it relieving I wasn't alone when I hopped on over to visit Yoga Pants, finding she also wanted to keep it nice and simple. Just what I was intending.

Lets link up, and share our tunes for:
Currently obsessed with this song... 
Heard it on a reward show long ago, and recently rediscovered it!!! 
I Found You by The Wanted on Grooveshark

Here's another all time favorite I'd love to share, just because I'm in a really good mood!

And a little country... yes, country! I'm sure there's people that'd still be wrapping their heads around the current playlists on my iPod. BUT, we need to gear up for next weekend - my best friend's Bachelorette party!! And given the location - Nashville, TN - what better way to prep?!
No this isn't a peppy song, but it's one of my favorites and I rock it out solid when it comes on the radio. 

Have a happy, long, SAFE weekend, everyone!!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Palm trees, Coronas and... Snowmen

Inspiration for today's post developed during a late FaceTime chat with some old/new friends. My mind immediately trailed down memory lane to a recent trip where we met these wonderful people.

Royal Caribbean, Oasis of the Seas
To describe the SIZE of this ship is impossible... you have to see it to believe it. Really, there's no words. I'll share two of our favorite spots; Central Park, and the Solarium. 
Now, onto what this post was initially about... our new friends, and the moments I'll never forget!
Everyone, meet Mike & Tammy!
What began as our honeymoon, ended as the best vacation with two new friends. Our encounter was on an unforgettably windy morning - and when I say windy, I mean knocking me off my feet. Shading my face from the sun, I always wear a hat - not knowing it would be the cause of an introduction to our newest friends!! To further explain, my hat blew off and rolled down the aisle, Mike grabbed it -  voila! After Chris and I found a new spot, less windy, Mike and Tammy followed and the rest is blissful history!! :)

For the duration of the trip, the four of us were inseparable. We even added an excursion to our agenda to further extend the adventures!
The absolutely gorgeous, Magen's Bay.
 Suntans and sunburns in tow, we made our way back to the ship. There, we established "our spot" at Globe and Atlas pub, where cocktails, coronas, and snowmen became the highlights of our evenings; along with music by Jimmy!
There was never a dull moment with us. Here are a few more photos to share...
It was so great in fact, we already booked a trip in July to reconnect! This time there will be 6 total... bringing the kids! :) As fate would have it, Tammy and Mike have a beautiful 4 year old daughter - she is a doll. Both of our girls sent a little video greeting to one another when we returned from our trip. It was precious, so we're anxious to get them together.

This is not meant to be a sappy post, but I'm really missing our friends!! I can't wait to see them again. We were lucky, and blessed to have met such a wonderful couple. Our connection was effortless, and I'm hoping we continue this friendship for the rest of our days. They love traveling, as do we, so there's no doubt many adventures await us! There's only about 6 hours between us, but still not close enough for frequent visits, so until our trip (and between future trips) we are thankful for FaceTime. ;)
...a bit blurry, but look at those smiling faces! :)
Tammy and Mike - if you're reading this - we love you and can't wait to see you again!!!! Countdown is 51 days, and it couldn't come sooner.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A moment of silence...

Today, I had intended on sharing a happy post... yet, with the unexpected events in Oklahoma yesterday, I find it only necessary to dedicate today's post with reflection, and a prayer. 

My heart aches for those families, the teachers and children in the schools... the multiple homes and lives lost. Reality doesn't set in often enough, quite like it did yesterday. Quietly sitting next to my husband and daughter, tears unwillingly filled my eyes. Along with yesterday's post - Counting our blessings is essential. You never know when tragedy will arise. 
May God - the Father of all mercies - comfort this town; 
and that they seek Him in their hearts, to surpass this tragedy.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Motivational Monday

Well, clearly I've left a Friday post to last until Monday, given this weekend was quite the festive one. If I had pictures to share, that would have made a lovely post for today! ...but I failed on that one. So instead, I figured I would just follow up with what was originally supposed to be my regular Motivational Monday. 

Counting our blessings...

How soon we forget the good things around us when bad things are happening. Well, it's normal. When we find ourselves struggling, it's difficult to see anything but the negatives. That isn't how it should be, though. Easier said than done, I know. Depending on the struggles we endure, completely determines the amount of strength we need to stay positive. However, I heard it best stated:

"Every day may not be good, 
but there is something good in every day."

How true!! Take time out on a rough day, and reflect on something good that happened. A friend of mine recently told me that's her way of helping herself, and her children on tough days. Just one positive moment could help change it all around. :)
Happy Monday! (lets try, anyway)

Friday, May 17, 2013

In love with LOVE...

There really wasn't a more appropriate title for today's post. I simply love love. There's only one other person I know who can relate with that; an old teammate, school mate and friend, Jessica D - check out her sweet blog over at Little Miss SunshineAlong with being in love with love, the best job I had the privilege of working, was alongside a well respected wedding photographer, Amy Shepherd
Now, Amy is not just any ordinary wedding photographer. I first came to know her just as someone with this incredible eye for capturing the most breathtaking images. Once hired, I witnessed her ongoing work ethic not only as a self-employed business woman, but as a wife and mother. I even babysat her two boys for the first few months of being hired - now that I think about it, was that a test? ;) I must have passed, because she kept me around thereafter, and even brought me along for shoots to help with lighting. I loved going on shoots with her, because at some point she'd put a camera in my hand and say "...start shooting." YES!

It's not only fun, but an honor to work with Amy. She's fun, FUNNY, and has one of the sweetest I've been blessed to know. And to say her work is amazing would be an understatement. I know there are many wonderful photographers, and maybe I'm a little biased, but regardless it does not discredit her work - art - the slightest bit.
It's about seeing what others can't - visualizing the image before it's even on print.

Moving forward, today is another one of those days! A wedding shoot!!!! Although I no longer work with Amy in the studio, she will still ask me to tag along a shoot with her now and then. I can hardly hide my excitement for what today will bring. As any shoot, not only are we in attendance to the wedding, but we get the backstage pass to see what goes on behind the curtain. And THAT is what it's all about - to me, anyway. We witness the moments that aren't always glamorous or poise, the reality where things aren't falling into place - the flowers are late, dad has the wrong the tie, the bride broke a toe the night before and the shoes don't fit! ;) Whatever the fiasco may be, it's beautiful to see. Because in the end, when the bride's walking down the aisle, no one knows the difference - it's the perfect fairytale.

Chris and I were lucky, and fortunate, Amy was available to shoot our own wedding. And as a bride, on the other side of the camera, it was quite the turn around. ;) Here's one of my favorites from our special day!

For more images, weddings, and additional portraits, check out her blog! Here


Along with weddings, it seems most people attend them for pure enjoyment of the reception to follow! I mean, who doesn't love to dance the night away?? 

With that said, it's time to share today's tune of the day/weekend, as it is Friday - meaning:

It's time to LINK UP!!!!
I decided to go with an old favorite! More appropriately - with all this wedding talk - it was our entrance song, introduced as "Mr. & Mrs."!! The party was NOT ready for us!!! ;)

Have a safe and happy weekend, everyone!!!!!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

A Bloggy Blog Hop

No post today. Just a kindly reminder to jump on over to Delightfully Chic and link up!! :)
It's a blog hop!

Have a blessed day, everyone!!
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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

My Mr. Wonderful

Happy Wednesday, everyone!! That's my mood today. Happy! So along with that, I wanted to share a little post about how my husband is amazing. Not a sappy post, but one worthy of being shared!

First of all, when we began dating I would always call him "Mr. Wonderful" - because he was. This man had his sh*t together was everything I could have ever hoped for. Without gushing about how he still makes my heart flutter, he really was wonderful in that he listened, paid attention to detail, and was always concerned over our well being. Not to mention, I laugh my butt off when we're together. He makes me laugh till I cry. The key to my heart right there.
Today's post may seem pointless to some, but it was a real "wow" moment for me!!! After the wedding, we moved into a house in need of some serious renovations, inside AND out. With the inside completely made over, that left the outside - yard work, trimming, pulling weeds, etc. Chris and I both grew up with moms who about broke their backs - his mom, literally - making sure their flowers and shrubs were flawless. And, indeed they were. I vowed to try and do the same once we were settled in our new home; however, reality set in a little. It's not the labor that's difficult, but.... the worms. Ew. I can be a tough cookie in other aspects, but lay little creatures in front of me squirming around and I'll cringe. 

With that said, my wonderful - Mr. Wonderful - husband pulled up his sleeves and got to work on our yard. First, there were three giant bushes that I said "gotsta go!", as Kelly Rowland would put it. They had grown there for over 8 years and did nothing but look ugly. I didn't even capture a "before" photo, they were that hideous, but I sure did snap one of them in the back of the trailer ready to be hauled off! 
[a moment of silence for our old Tahoe... I miss you]
Next, we took a little family trip to Lowe's to grab some mulch, stones and new shrubs. Although, if it were up to our little one, we would have left with every flower they owned. She liked them all! ;)
Now for some progression shots to reveal the outcome!!! Again, I can't take much credit for any of this, other than being a great mulch and shrub picker. My husband certainly has the green thumb over myself.

[[ A round of applause ]]

And that is why he is my Mr. Wonderful. 

Although, this is just a small portion of why he's deserving of such a name. Proud is hardly the description of how I feel. His work ethic - for life, in general - is astounding and admirable. I'm appreciative of his love everyday, and couldn't thank him enough for all he does for our family. He's one of the hardest working people I know.  I love you, Chris - if you're reading this! I'm sure you are... which is just another reason why he's Mr. Wonderful - he supports me, as well. ;) 

Monday, May 13, 2013

(( My Best Friend's Wedding ))
Part 2: Bridal Showers

Today begins Part 2, of My Best Friend's Wedding extravaganza; and I'm excited to share these past bridal shower events. Yes, she is so special we've had to celebrate it more than once!! :)

Bridal Shower #1
First lets begin with the cake! Oh em gee! Not only are the wedding colors of Tiffany&Co blue, but the cake and bows - the bride's favorite - were spectacular.
Is that not gorgeous? 

I must admit, one of my favorite things when attending an event at this house, is the overflowing amount of food! Better believe there are left overs, and that this girl is almost always leaving with two or three containers. Thanks, Vickie!!!
Following the feast, Jess began opening her gifts! I borrowed this photo from her sister - thanks, Megan - because I knew it was one of her favorites.
...and as you may notice, I volunteered to make the bow bouquet. Not an ideal task for a perfectionist, but I made it work! Ha.

NOW for the introduction of ALL the bridesmaids:
From left to right: Katie B, Erika, Katie U, Noelle, the bride, myself, Hannah, Megan

Bridal Shower #2
This lovely event was taken place in Louisville, Ky at an old historical residence, hosted by the groom's mother and her four friends. It was gorgeous. I'm a real sucker for history, as well, so the tour of this renovated old cottage was remarkable.
Hello, the blushing bride...
 ...also the name of the beverage she's withholding, Blushing Bride recipe1 oz Peach Schnapps, 4 oz Champs, 1 oz Grenadine Syrup

Walking into the building, you notice a sweet little arrangement on the piano of the couple's wedding invitation. Really, that's too cute.
Next, we made our way into the dining area. The place settings were cleverly stylish; gold chevron place mat, a napkin tied with raffia, along with some marigolds. Lunch was a beautifully colored arrangement, and dessert was... well, look at it! Delectable . 
Now onto the entertainment! This was full of laughs and tears... tears from laughing, to be exact. The hosts decided on a game of "What The Bride thinks The Groom Said". It's not a new game, but it never gets old! These ladies, however, had the clever idea to record the groom ON VIDEO while answering said questions - face expressions, confusion, laughs, all in one! It was hysterical!
Like I said, lots of laughs... :)

After another game, and gift opening, it was time to depart from yet another entertaining event. Before leaving, of course we had to capture one last photo. 
These next few weeks are going to fly by, and before we know it the wedding will be here! It's quite unfathomable, I must admit. My best friend is about to be married. Wow!