Monday, December 29, 2014


With the reality of having a five - and a half - year old, I'm very much aware of how time flies. However, there are moments that still make it hard to believe JUST how fast it passes... aka our son had his first birthday this weekend. {{ Waaaaahhhh }}.

Amongst the after-Christmas chaos, we managed to get a nice little party together. The theme was "Cute as a Button" because let's just face it, he sort of is {says the bias mommy} but with time against me, I had to dig deep and find my inner Martha/Betty to whip up some crafts and sweet desserts.
And then it was party time! Here are a few highlights of the day. Photo credit goes to my sister-in-law and my cousin, because this gal was running around like a madwoman = mommy/host life.
One quick photo before the destruction began.
And then it was time to strip down to the diaper!
Excuse my face. The picture was taken mid-laugh because Mr. B kept swatting at the cake in my hands... he was ready! 

Although, he needed to feel the waters first.
He then got the hang of it.
And the damage was done.
What a day! We couldn't have been more pleased with how it all came together, and the pleasure of celebrating with our friends and family. 

And a very special thank you to this sweet face for being a big helper... and showing her brother "how to share his toys". Hehe ;) 
My heart is full when I sit back and reflect on these memories. I'm continuously amazed how God works and puts it all together. He is GOOD, and we are grateful.

Birthday number ONE, complete.

Monday, December 22, 2014

A Sugary Afternoon

Another year of tradition!!! Spending time with family is absolutely the most important thing to me... yet being able to blend both families and share these moments together multiplies that love even more. Here's a few moments captured from yesterday's festivities! :)
Those covered about half of what was actually made that evening! We didn't have room to display them all... and there may have been one or two consumed. Can you blame us!?? ;)

I love this time of year!!! There's truly nothing like it. Cheers to Christmas being just around the corner! Eeeeeekkkk!!

Friday, December 19, 2014

Happy Wisdom Day

Cheers to another birthday celebration! Yesterday marked my 29th (eeeek, last year of the twenties)!!! But instead of focusing on the years I've gathered, here's a few "How To's" I've learned in my growing years...

How to be grateful: it's ok to not have everything. Be appreciative for what you DO have.

How to be more patient: although it's an ongoing battle as parents, I continue to practice being more patient by breeeaaatthhhiinnnggggg and assessing the situation. Don't be impulsive and let anger or frustration cloud your vision on what needs to be said/done. 

How to be happy: it took me awhile to understand that this is 100% in our OWN hands. Only YOU can make YOU happy. There are things around us that increase that joy, but true happiness begins inside... and only YOU can control its presence. 

How to accept change: as we grow up, everything around us changes; whether it's the city, the lifestyle, or the people. For me it's mainly been people. I have learned (and beginning to accept the fact) that people change... friendships change... and that's ok. It doesn't have to be good or bad. It just is what it is.

How to NOT allow negativity in my life: again this is something completely in your control. If I don't feel that something is helping me grow - just weighing me down or making me feel blah - then I let it go. Move on.

How to stop and pause: this is probably the most challenging, because I feel I'm always on the go! Even if I'm at home, I never stop moving... cleaning, laundry, picking up toys, changing diapers, or just keeping two kids pleasantly happy throughout the day. But through the hustle and bustle I realize my children are growing at a rapid pace and I can't let a "busy life" get in the way of enjoying it... so I have to make myself STOP and slow down. 

How to give it all to Him: this area of growth has been by far my most proud accomplishment. To put it bluntly, I am a worry wart and with everything I think "what if", especially with my children. The anxiety level is unreal. But as I began building a stronger relationship with Christ, I realized how much more relaxed I become when I remind myself that He is in control and He will not fail us. My constant reminder is ... "to worry, means to not trust God." And under all circumstances, I DO! So I have learned to stop, pray, and give all my worries to Him. :)

There's been a lot of obvious growth in my last 29 years, but more so in the last 4. My perspective on what's important has changed tremendously and that's a result of life experiences. Life challenges us in many ways - sometimes to a point where it can feel damaging - but how we choose to handle it determines the end result. I chose to learn and GROW.

Can't wait to see what this next year has in store...

A special thanks to my dear friend, Tammy, for my new planner!!!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Planes & Trains

Oh hey there! Life continues to have its way and consume every ounce of energy in this body of mine... and although I'm surviving, I'm clearly slacking in a couple departments. {{This}} being one of them.

But! A few exciting things have prompted me to jump back into my bloggy world, so here we are.

My best friend is due to have TWINS {yes, twins!} in March, thus beginning one of many celebrations. Yesterday was her first baby shower and it was precious! As I've shared once before, this household is never short of supplies when it comes to entertainment, and they always deliver. The food was amazing and the creations were beyond adorable.

I couldn't be happier for my sister-friend. I love her to pieces. These babies are going to be spoiled rotten!!!! Congrats again, Jess! 

{side note: she's 24+ weeks with twins, could she look more amazing!?!} on the list.......

My little family went on our first adventure to the North Pole on The Polar Express!!! 
Holy moly! This was so much fun. The weather wasn't too cold, but the wind kept it chilly enough for layers. Nonetheless, they kept you warm (while waiting) with indoor heaters and activities for the kids.
Oh my heart... {insert tears, really} it was a sweet moment.
But of course we couldn't leave out the other half of our family... so this was Chris and little B. 
Our family.
Then onto one of the most important parts... Writing our letter to Santa!
Signed, dated, and shipped! Off to the North Pole! All aboard!!!
... a quick glimpse into the first couple minutes of me and these two lovelies.
But then we got settled and enjoyed some of the best, most precious, timeless, unforgettable moments... 
They were very dedicated to reenacting special parts of the storyline.

Ticket punching...
Hot chocolate...
Dancing... lots of dancing... 
Driving into the North Pole...
And then waiting...
And waiting... 
..... for Santa!!!!
And he gave each of them their first gift of Christmas... their very own bell!! *if you know the story, it's kind of big deal. ;)
Of course it took all of two seconds for this to happen...
But nonetheless, they were happy and WE were happy to have made it through with all smiles and zero meltdowns! Woo hoo!!!! .... before exiting we also snagged a photo with the cute little elves. 
Such a busy, but blessed day!! We ended the night with a sleepy baby (straight-to-bed-from-car seat) and a happy little girl with her new toy train.....