Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Bienvenido a Miami

How to sum up such a weekend? Let me try.

Champagne poolside.
Festivals on the beach.
And all with great company.
 [Michael Symon, from The Chew]

That still doesn't do it justice, but we don't have time for an overload. This was one of the best weekends! Just long enough to have a relaxing few days with my hubby, but just short enough to get back to my babies. I really missed them.

As much as I enjoyed this weekend of paradise, [as crazy as it sounds] it's good to be back to reality

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

My Haute Obsession

Nails have always been one of my daily staples. I like to manicure them often [aka daily] and it's very unlikely you'll find my nails unpolished. I've even shared numerous posts of my favorite shades; like here and here. Well now I have found my newest obsession!!! The latest nail trend has been gel nails [shellac, LCN, etc] and I have tried them all. There's been pros and cons to all, but none of them have impressed me as much as this new line of gel polish.

Introducing, Haute Polish.
I could go on for days how much I love this new invention of polish. It has base coat, polish and top coat all in one. The gel effect keeps your nails super shiny, and the removal? It's as easy as the application! For more details, you can find them here on their site. Today I'm just sharing my excitement of this product through a few photos. 

The only thing you need is an LED light, and two short before/after cleansing application. You can get a kit [including the light], or you can purchase the Replenisher Supply Kit separately. Fortunately, my friend Jess had an LED light I was able to borrow to test this out - which I will soon go purchase considering I'm now obsessed. With that said, I bought the Replinisher Supply Kit and was set to go! 
The application is so simple, it'd been silly to photograph. Not to mention my photography skills are not that impressive with one hand while applying polish. No bueno. But I did, however, have to capture the removal process. It was so simple and the fact that there was no damage done to my nail enamel was even more impressive! 
I could be a walking promo for this polish. I love it that much. [chillax, Megan]

The color I used is nude, but they come in a variety of color. So shinyyyyy!
 That's it, folks!!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Love Day

Let's see. This time last year on Valentine's day, I was here...
Having breakfast here...
And dinner with these fine peeps...
I'm not sure we can top that this year, but the only downfall was that we weren't with our kids [although at the time we only had one]. I know Valentine's Day is to be spent with your significant other, but I would fall into that category of people who don't believe in one single day having to represent your love for one another. Yes it's an excuse to get dressed up fancy and go out, but lets be real... we really could do that on any other night. My husband and I have date nights as often as we can, so this is really just another dinner night together. :) Not any less special, but certainly not more special than others. 

Kids have it pretty easy, to say the least. Their Valentine's Day consists of candy, cards, and crafty Valentine's Day boxes. Well, this year I got to help my little one put together her first Valentine's Day box for school. I had the joy of cutting all the little pieces [literally every little heart was cut out of a piece of paper. Stickers would have been much easier but we like to keep things interesting] and she had the fun part of gluing it all on! A nice mommy/daughter craft night.
Last, but certainly not least... I want to take a moment to wish this very special gal a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 
Yes, this unfortunate soul has had to share this love day with the world. But I make sure she's loved no matter what! ;) Love you, Erika!! 

Happy Love Day, everyone!! 

Thursday, February 13, 2014

PERManent Isn't Always Best

Since as far back as I can remember, I have always found myself battling whether to stick to my current hairstyle or switch it up after so many months. I've really never settled on just one look for a long period of time.

It's been all different shades.
Side part/Middle part.
Even a perm or two... [oops].
I know there are people that go through more dramatic changes than some of mine, but it's still safe to say my hair has been through the ringer. It's now long, back to my natural shade, and well... I'm bored. Luckily, I have a hair appointment TODAY.

Every time I go in [which is like never] I'm always suggesting something new. Like last time, I opted for bangs! Got there, talked about it, even went so far as to part my hair to visualize what they'd look like. My ever-so-patient stylist [Melissa] will brainstorm with me, but then I end up changing my mind and just get a boring trim.

This time I'm sure I about drove her crazy with the idea that I wanted to get ANOTHER PERM! But not the traditional style. I have been obsessing over beach waves, and discovered this "Beach Wave Perm" that's apparently legit. I did some research and decided "yes, this was it!". I even had the go-ahead from the hubs! What is the beach wave perm you ask? Something like that ---->

Although this look is easily achievable with my styling wand, I just wanted the convenience of waking up and having my hair like this allday-errrday.

I was set and ready to schedule my appointment, no looking back, until Melissa explains to me that this particular photo-styled-hairdo was done with a hot iron, because the ends of a perm would curl more so than it does pictured. whhaaaaaahh :'(

Where am I going with this? I promise I'm not just sulking in my fantasy hairstyle failure. Quite the contrary! After much debate, I realized my need for said beach wave perm has been solely based on laziness.

Therefore, I decided to suck it up and just curl my hair. A trial run, if you will. As luck would have it, of course I achieved the beach waves as desired.

 [please excuse the awkward hand placement... I don't know what to do with my hands.]

So there ya have it. Or well, who am I really preaching to? I'm the one that needed this enlightenment. I guess you could say I saved my hubby some $$$. Although, going into my appointment today I'm throwing out some ideas on low lights.

Until next time...

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

InstaLovin [toddler edition]

Awhile back I shared a few of my loves of Instagram.

Well, with Instagram being one of my main connections to the outside world these days, I've come across yet another insta-crush. Or more so, a mommy-crush [because crushing on a 5 year old would be weird].

If you don't already know him... allow me to introduce to you, Alonso Mateo.
As I enjoy fashion posts of all sorts, infant/toddler fashion takes the cake!! I can't get enough. I began following fashion stylist, Luisa Espinosa [@ luisafere] when her son, Alonso, continuously popped up on fashion blogs. He's just too adorable! I find myself anxious to style my son in some of these trendy getups once he gets older [not wishing his precious newborn years away just yet, though].

Stop. I can't...