Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Ticket for Two

Since my husband's demanding work schedule crashed our daughter's spring break week, we decided to "crash" his work week! Two plane tickets later, we were on our way to Miami!! {disclaimer: the baby was not left home alone. He stayed with Gigi & Pop!}
Long traveling day + walking + 5 year old + 11pm arrival = complete and utter exhaustion! And if you've ever been to MIA airport, you may be familiar with the long haul from the terminal to the car rental side. So this was our solution. Whatever works!
Nonetheless, we got our beauty sleep and was ready to take on the week!! Let the activities and mommy/daughter bonding begin! Silly breakfasts, quiet poolsides... couldn't ask for anything more. 
That was until my good friend, Daniel, came through and completely changed the game! ;) Here's a look book to how the rest of the week took off!! A day at the beach, seaside lunchin', shopping, patio dining, you name it. 
We even spotted a children's museum! So on Chris' day off, we took complete advantage!
And then there was the food; deserving of its own look book. 
And not to leave out any details of the week, one of her favorite things to do - every time we arrived back to the hotel - was riding up and down the escalator because it was "so pretty". Really? :) 
From what would have been a lonely week without dad, I would deem this a true success. Although we missed our little man, this was a nice exclusive trip for big sister! She's such a trooper when it comes to sacrificing because "baby needs to nap; needs to eat; needs to... you name it." I believe siblings are blessed to have one another (this coming from an only child) but it's still very important - as parents - to acknowledge their individuality and significance. :)

Spring Break 2015, in the books!

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